Agar gel for the sustainable cleaning

Agar gel applications for the sustainable cleaning of stone surfaces

Cleaning is a fundamental phase of the conservation and maintenance activity of the cultural heritage. It is required to be highly effective in the removal of undesired deposits, controllable, and completely respectful of the substrate. According to these principles, a sustainable approach for the cleaning of indoor surfaces of the Duomo di Milano by means of agar gel applications has been set-up and tested. The methodology proved to be effective in removing soluble salts and soot particles, as well as very respectful of the valuable sculpted surfaces. (Project concluded in 2015)

Contact person: Davide Gulotta

  • D. Gulotta, D. Saviello, F. Gherardi, L. Toniolo, M. Anzani, A. Rabbolini, S. Goidanich. (2014). Setup of a sustainable indoor cleaning methodology for the sculpted stone surfaces of the Duomo of Milan. Heritage Science 2(6), pp. 1-13.