Alighiero Boetti

Mi fuma il cervello, self-portrait by di Alighiero Boetti

This bronze statue by Alighiero Boetti represent a very peculiar case study because, when it is exposed to the public, it is subjected to unusual critical conditions. The high temperature and the continuous formation of scale deposits make protection quite difficult and require frequent cleaning intervention. Accordingly, a methodology for protection based on sacrificial protective coatings was proposed and tested. The sacrificial coating is aimed at facilitating the scale deposit removal and protecting sculpted details during cleaning operations. The research was carried out in collaboration with the restoration laboratory of the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia. (

Contact person: Sara Goidanich

  • D. Gulotta, B. Mariani, E. Guerrini, S. Trasatti, P. Letardi, L. Rosetti, L. Toniolo, S. Goidanich, “Mi Fuma il Cervello” self-portrait series of Alighiero Boetti: evaluation of a conservation and maintenance strategy based on sacrifcial coatings. Heritage Science, 2017, 5(19), 1-13.