The strongly interdisciplinary nature of the research themes has led the group to deal from a scientific point of view with very diverse research topics, maintaining collaborations with researchers from very different disciplinary areas. This situation is intrinsically due to the field of interest defined by some as “polytechnic” par excellence. The scientific production testifies the collaboration with several institutions, University Departments and research laboratories active in the field.


ArtIS: Imaging Spectroscopy for Cultural Heritage

The research activity of the group is focused on the development of innovative optical and vibrational spectroscopic techniques for the characterization and monitoring of the materials of the cultural heritage.

The main research areas include:

  • In-situ analysis of works of art, including paintings, mural paintings, sculptures and polymeric design objects, by means of optical fluorescence imaging techniques (spectral and time-resolved) and multispectral reflectance imaging techniques
  • Study and characterization of organic materials from works of art, including binders, varnishes, organic pigments and dyes, by means of optical fluorescence analysis, VIS and NIR diffused reflectance techniques, and Raman spectroscopy
  • Study and characterization of micro-samples from painted masterpieces of the Renaissance (in collaboration with Archivio Gallone)

List of the available equipment